Web updates

For the last few years I’ve used apple’s MobileMe for my web hosting and when I heard last year that they would be discontinuing the service, I thought I should start to look around for other options but likely would procrastinate and not make a decision and do anything until the last moment.  Well, with that last moment being June 30th, about 2 weeks from now, I decided this weekend to choose a new host, get everything moved over to it’s new home and see what needed to be cleaned up after the fact.  The biggest issue moving away from MobileMe for me, and others who have been using iWeb, is things like existing blog comments are lost (sad) and new comments can not be made without adding third party widgets into each post, which I don’t want to have to do.

So, I decided to merge my existing blog posts over to WordPress and use it going forward.  It’s nice that it can do some things that iWeb can not (like let people add comments, duh…), but without some tweaking, that I am not sure I really want to get into, it isn’t going to match the other web pages seamlessly like the blog did when created in iWeb.

I also have been intending to make some other web style updates, so those likely will be coming over the next few weeks as well.

feel free to browse thru any old posts and add a comment or two.  they are looking pretty lonely and naked now 😉

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