Customizing patterns

One of my favorite things about knitting, or really any crafty thing, is you can create what you want and don’t need to follow the instructions 100% but use them as a jumping off point.  And I love to see how other knitters have customized some of my knitting patterns.  Shortly after Nymphalidea was releases in the 2013 Deep Fall Knitty last fall, customized projects began showing up on Ravelry.  When you look thru the project notes, you see mention of “I knit the pattern until ___ then did this ___” or “I love what ___ did with her shawl so followed her notes” and on and on.

I’ve been keeping a mental list of the projects that I’ve thought included some great modifications and recently reached out to some of those knitters and here are their customized Nymphalidea projects.

Enlarge the gallery images for a brief description of what makes each project unique and be sure to visit the Ravlery project pages and blog posts linked below for more info from the project owners!

Landers Nymph Butterfly, Vänersborg, Sweden

Stickchicky’s Nymphalidea, Ontario, Canada

Waterpixie4’s Woodland Butterfly, Washington, USA

WendyKnits’ Nymphalidea, Virginia, USA blogged here  and here

Jio’s Rainbow Nymphalidea, Tennessee, USA

Ajtho1’s Dragonfly Wings, Victoria, Australia

Larisje’s Butterfly Beauty, Alblasserdam, Netherlands

Yarnsafari’s Funny Papers Shawl, California, USA

Wen’s Louisa Scarf, Queensland, Australia blogged here

MsDae’s Rainbow Nymphalidea, Queensland, Australia

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