It’s been just over a week since my design Nymphalidea was published in Knitty’s Deep Fall 2013 issue and so far people seem to be liking it!  As of this evening, in Ravelry, it has been favorited 3092 times, queued 1297 and has 72 projects (including 7 finished!).


In the unlikely event that you are reading this and have not yet seen the latest Knitty issue, here’s the shawl’s description:

Nymphalidea is named for one of the largest families of butterflies, with varieties found in every corner of the world. With the mesh edging and solid welts separating each wedge, it reminds me of delicate veined butterfly wings.
It was designed for use with long gradient self-striping yarns paired up with a contrasting solid or semi-solid, so each wedge becomes individual of those before and after and unique like the wings of a butterfly. Because this is cast on with few stitches and expands, it easily can be adapted to alternate weight yarns or be made smaller or larger to suit the individual knitter.

As written, the knitter will use approximately half each of a skein of Malabrigo Sock and a ball of Zauberball.

With the popularity of other striped shawls, I hoped people would enjoy the pattern, but did not expect such instant popularity!  click the Ravelry Projects link below to see some of the great color combinations people are coming up with.

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