Stitch Markers

For a number of years, I have made my own bead stitch markers.  I like to use them over the plain plastic or rubber rings and prefer to keep my stitch markers unique, pretty and compact.  I don’t like the other beaded stitch markers you often see with dangly bits or that are larger or heavier that likely will cause more trouble than assistance while knitting.

Generally, I have stitch markers spread around my house to be found on most any counter, knitting bag, purse, drawer, etc.  This week, I have tons more!  I have made close to 50 sets of markers to be sold at Happy Knits in Portland, OR.  The sets of 6 markers will range in price from $8.40 to $15.60 and would make a great holiday gift for a knitter on your shopping list.

Markers range in size to fit up to a size US4, US7 & US10 and are made with glass, turquoise, jade, peach aventurine, Czech crystal, sodalite and freshwater pearls.

If you are in the Portland area, come in and check them out.

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