Quilting Stars

About a year before my mom was diagnosed with ALS she began a quilt for me.  I went through one of her quilt block books, The Block Book by Judy Martin, and chose about 25 different 12” star blocks and purchased quilt fabric in an assortment of golds and neutrals (not a surprise I am sure to anyone that knows me or has looked at my knitting projects on Ravelry) and some rust and teal accent colors.

I photocopied the 25 designs, cut out their template pieces and color-coded the photocopy to correspond with the various fabrics and put each set of block pieces in a ziploc bag.

Over the next six months or so, starting with the simplest blocks, my mom completed 12 blocks before setting it aside to work on other projects to avoid getting into the more tedious designs.  Soon was put back in it’s bag, I am sure with hopes I would forget about it or decide to finish it myself.

Shortly after her death while going thru her things I came across the bag with the book, completed blocks, fabric and yet to be made block template baggies.  I brought it home and stashed it away with my other crafty stuff with thoughts at some point I would get it out and finish the remaining blocks.  While I have been sewing since I was in highschool,  and have completed a number of quilts, I have never been as precise about being able to align points and edges in quilting, and the remaining blocks all have a ton of pieces to be aligned. I suppose this will be a way I will be able to tell which blocks I completed and which my mom had done.

I am not sure how much progress I will be making on this over the next few months, but will attempt to have it out enough to finish a block or two a month.  Or at the very least, not resort to packing it all back up in it’s bag to sit for another 5 years.

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