Bay Weekend

This weekend Jessa and I went down to Santa Clara, CA for Stitches West.  We found tons of great yarn to bring back to Portland and try out.  Met some fantastic friends from Ravelry.  We drove our enormous rental car, which we coined “Moby”, nearly 500 miles in 2 1/2 days between Sacramento, Santa Clara, up the east side of the bay, down the peninsula, across plenty of bridges and thru downtown San Francisco.  We visited a number of local yarn shops and one crazy fabric/button/trim shop, Fabric Depo (with no T) in Pinole and found a set of buttons from my CityScape sweater.

Sunday before leaving, we went into the city and met up with Erin, a friend from Ravelry, and photographed shawls for my Nautilina pattern (released for sale earlier today!) near Golden Gate Bridge.  The three of us had a really good time and got some perfect photos!

On the way home, I cast on for CityScape and so excited to get thru the body and sleeves so I can work on my buildings & bridges skyline!

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